We admire our clients and their tremendous success.  Here’s what a few of them had to say about us.


J. PR and Associates has been a well-rounded smorgasbord for our legal department.  We have feasted to our satisfaction from so many of their services.

Leadership Development:  Transitioning from peer to manager was exciting – but mostly nerve wracking.  J. PR helped me to establish credibility and authority as a leader by walking the necessary line to re-calibrating relationships.

HR Consultation:  As a small department, we simply cannot afford to make big mistakes.  The consulting services provided by J. PR has provided us with wise strategies on employee hiring and discharge, workforce productivity and overall employee relations matters.  Because of J. PR, we have saved thousands of dollars on resources and potential litigation.

Dispute Resolution:  Future risks of liability concerning disputes between 2 or more employees is a concern that all small businesses must consider.  J. PR served as a buffer for management and helped preserve the integrity of the dispute resolution process for us.  J. PR provided an external, fair and unbiased forum for the employees to express their concerns and work toward a resolution that benefited the team.

Team Building:  Before working with J. PR, we really missed the great value of building a strong and committed team.  J. PR helped us develop a higher sense of our group mission, group cohesiveness and higher levels of trust with one another.

Attorney L. Carter
UFCW Unions and Employers

I met Paula at a conference last April. From the moment she spoke about the services offered by JPR & Associates I was intrigued. I hired her to Assess my Workplace Culture and perform a HR assessment. 

 Paula Robinson is the consummate professional. She was able to really engage my employees in order to gain valuable insights into the infrastructure of my company. As we discovered more issues within my business the scope of the work shifted. Ultimately, I utilized her skills to help search for a new manager for the company. At this point she was intimately involved with how my business operated. As a result she was instrumental in finding the right person for the position. 

 Almost a year later, I can honestly say that my workplace environment and culture have improved 100%. Absenteeism is no longer an issue. Employees are engaged and actively seek out new projects. One employee recently commented to the new manager that since her arrival everyone was in a better mood and more “in tune” with the practice. Most of this is due to Paula helping me to find the right person to join my management team.

The services that Paula provided were absolutely invaluable! I would highly recommend JPR & Associates to any business looking for help with, HR policies, employee engagement, management assessment, hiring, etc…

Having a team of employees is always difficult to manage. However, having JPR & Associates as a part of your team makes the task easier!

 Paula I am eternally grateful for the impact you have had on my business! 

 A. Dunnings, DVM
Owner, East Atlanta Animal Clinic 

 J. PR and Associates was recommended to me by a co-worker that had worked with Paula for the Dream Again-Career Coaching Services and was very pleased. 

We contacted Paula to make introductions and during that initial conversation, I knew that I was making the right choice to use this service.  Paula and I have met three (3) times so far and her coaching has given me the confidence to make a major decision in my life that should have been made more than 15 years ago.  I am now focused on accomplishing my dreams and tying the experience of the past 15 years into those dreams.

Paula is a great listener, and asked the right questions that led me to make this major decision.  If you follow her request and do the homework assignments she gives, it causes you to look at things differently for your benefit.  Paula really has helped me to focus and prioritize and I am so excited about our weekly coaching sessions and finding more out about myself during the process. As to the value of the coaching for my money, Absolutely!  I would definitely recommend J. PR and Associates. 

S. Leach
Private Company

 J. PR Associates was pivotal in helping my organization learn how two merge to distinct cultures. Their process was comprehensive and thorough in helping our executives gain an understanding of the potential hurdles that would get in the way of profitability.  In our situation there were many difficult topics that needed to be discussed and the representatives of J. PR Associates were willing to have and facilitate that dialogue.  It was a pleasure working with this company and I look forward to doing so again.

 J Bennett
Private Company

It is my pleasure to recommend JPR and Associates to you.  I have known Paula Robinson, CEO, for 15 years and have had the opportunity to work with her directly on key organizational change initiatives.  Paula  offers organizations professional, customized, straight-forward advise and she runs her business with integrity and skill.

Most recently, Paula worked with ClearPoint Financial Solutions on a culture integration project following our recent merger.  Our strategic goal for the project was to develop a unified corporate culture through the development and adoption of shared vision and values.   As part of the process, Paula met with and developed trusting relationships with key members of the leadership team to obtain feedback and understanding of the organization’s current state.  She then lead the team through the path of working together to establish vision and values that represented the desired state for the combine organization.   The team also worked with Paula to develop organizational competencies (operating principles), consistent with the core values, that guide our daily interactions with one another.   She then met with employees to obtain feedback and to facilitate the adoption and acceptance of the values and organizational competencies. 

This was a critical process for our organization and Paula was an instrumental part of our execution plan.  Paula has always been dependable, straightforward, honest and very hands-on.  Her fees were appropriate for the level of service she provides and she has always been forthright with costs and hours billed.   I’m happy to recommend her to anyone seeking consulting services or advise on Human Capital strategies. 

S. Foster
Vice President