Human Resource Consultation

Our consultation division provides the talent management tools and support you need most, when you need it. These strategies align with your organizational objectives.

We help our client leverage the value talent management delivers to every part of the organizational structure.

Our comprehensive experience as Human Resource Leaders allows our methods to be straightforward, easy to understand and effective. We partner with you to provide solutions that work.

Assessment and Analysis

We begin the Consultative process with our Assessment process. The entire 6-part Assessment and Analysis Process opens the door to the answers you need and allows us to collaborate with you to establish the best possible results.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring

All organizations move through a series of transformations. We are equipped to support you in making the necessary adjustments to the “new” workplace.

Transforming Workplace Culture

We understand how significant Workplace Culture is to the forward motion of every business.  Culture Matters. It drives results and sets your organization apart from all others.

Succession Development and Planning

Success requires a plan. Developing talent for the future creates an environment of strength and promotion.  Succession planning makes room for good to become great.

On-Boarding Assimilation

Providing a great place to work for great talent is paramount. On-Boarding is critical to that process. The assimilation of new talent can solidify joint commitments at the earliest of stages.

Employee Engagement

Helping talent understand THEY are the big picture enhances performance outcomes. Employee engagement it sparks innovative ideas, draws top talent and increases business results.

Leadership Development

Our commitment to Leadership Development allows us to collaborate with leaders and emerging leaders to establish a road-map comprised of action-oriented steps, which escort them directly to Leadership Success.

Employee Development and Performance

Stellar work performances, as well as those that need strengthening require specific attention and communication. We help you establish measurable goals and outcomes, which highlight progressive next steps.

What Do You Need?

The world of Human Resources is vast and ever expanding and there are many topics to discuss. Some of the more dominate HR employment matters are listed above or on the Training and Workshop page. You tell us what you need and we will deliver.

*Additional HR Services are Available Upon Request