Customized Trainings & Workshops

We know training is critical to the development of talent and high performing work teams. With this in mind, we customize and deliver an array of HR related training workshops.

At your work-site or at one of our training centers, we will assist you in accomplishing your training goals.

We meet with you to help determine the subject matter most critical to your organization, we customize the training workshop to fit your needs and then we deliver it. It’s just that simple.

Understanding the Importance of Corporate Culture

Workplace culture adds value to the entire organization. Culture cannot be duplicated. It is distinctly yours.

New Leadership Integration

This training was designed to help new managers assimilate into their new roles. We provide a broader scope to Leadership, extending well beyond the traditional functions of the new role.

Workplace Enthusiasm Through Employee Engagement

This highly motivating session focuses on employee morale.  You will be given effective tips that will bolster your organizational culture while utilizing the core business objectives as the primary foundation. Let’s get excited for real!!

Workplace Violence

This workshop addresses the reality of violence in the workplace. Domestic Violence, Employee Altercations, and Client/Vendor Disturbances can change the landscape of the workplace very quickly.  Learn the best steps to take and why.

The Value of Embracing Diversity

Diversity is the central difference that empowers every organization to thrive. The commitment of understanding and embracing Diversity takes courage and is advantageous to us all.

Workplace Ethics – The Principle Thing

In this session, we discuss organizational ethics – the challenges and successes of doing what is right, even if it seems difficult. Every employer and employee is encouraged to attend this workshop. You will be surprised at what you did not know.

After the Incident – What do we do now?

These workshops are designed to support our clients after a workplace incident. Understating these issues are sensitive. We are here to ensure you have the appropriate support to handle them right away.

Make Your Selection

We understand there may be various employment matters you wish to have addressed in a different way or in a different sequence. So, for your convenience you may select which HR topics you wish to discuss and we will gladly develop a workshop based on your selection. You have the freedom to choose.

*Additional HR Services are Available Upon Request