Frequently Asked Questions

How long are your onsite sessions?
Our half-day programs run three hours (e.g. 9 am – 12 pm) and our full-day courses seven (e.g. 9 am – 4 pm). We will work with your scheduling requirements to determine the exact timing for your program.
Our workday is from 8 am – 5 pm. Can you extend your session to fill that time?
Only in the rarest of circumstances will we accommodate this request. Experience has taught us that longer days do not equal more effective training sessions.
What is the maximum number of participants I can put in each workshop?
Over the years, we have learned what size group works best for each of the workshops we offer. If you have a large group, please call us so we can learn more about your needs.
On a case-by-case basis, we will work with groups larger than those for which we have listed prices.
I want to train one group in the morning and another in the afternoon on the same topic. Do I pay for two half-day sessions?
No. We charge you the full-day rate for the total number of people in attendance.
What do you provide, and what are our responsibilities?
Depending on the workshop, we generally ship handouts to you or send a short PDF to you to duplicate for your group.
To run interactive sessions, we prefer seating configurations that allow for team interaction and problem solving.
We also ask that you provide us with flipchart paper or whiteboard, easels, and markers. We will work with you to confirm the specifics of your session.
Do you sell products in class?
We are happy to recommend resources, but we never sell products during workshop time.
May I speak with the facilitator before the session?
A big part of this business is fit. We strongly encourage you to speak with us before you schedule your session.
I found a workshop I like, but I only have one person I need to train. Do you offer public programs?
We specialize in onsite training for groups and do not offer public courses at this time. However, we also host our own workshops at our locations. We are happy to keep you updated on our upcoming workshops.
May I join another organization’s group?
You are welcome to form your own group comprising members from different organizations. However, we do not make this request of our clients.
I’ve reviewed your training offerings, and I want certain elements from a few of them. Can you create something for me?
Yes, we will work with you to determine your course agenda.
I want something you don’t offer. Can you create a program for me?
Please contact us about alternative course crafting.
We refer to our customers as “guests” and our employees as “associates.” Will you change your materials to reflect our preferred vocabulary?
We can accommodate this type of request for an additional fee.
Where do you get your training materials?
We design the bulk of our workshops from the ground up. Occasionally, we may use external resources to supplement our offerings.
I am a consultant, and I would like to purchase your materials to use with my own programs. Do you sell your content?
We do not sell our content to other training providers.

Do you offer a train-the-trainer model to corporate clients?

On a case-by-case basis, we offer a train-the-trainer model. For example, a hospital wants to improve its culture and hires us to develop a solution. As part of that process, we deliver the initial sessions and then turn the delivery over to the organization’s internal trainers.
Will you work with me on pricing?
As with any professional service firm, we rarely run specials, however we do offer discounts to our list of local non-profit organizations and returning customers.
Do you offer a discount if we purchase several workshops from you?
Yes. If you schedule and pay for multiple workshops in advance, we offer a discount.
We are a federal or state government organization. Do you have a GSA schedule?
We are a registered vendor with the state but do not maintain a GSA schedule. We offer our government clients competitive rates and are happy to reply to your RFQ and RFP.
We are an existing client, and your prices have gone up this year. Will you honor the rate quoted to us earlier this year?
Yes, especially, if we have worked together this year and you have received a quote from us for continued services. Our goal is to maintain relationships with our clients. Please contact us.
Once you’ve delivered a workshop for our organization, do we have the right to continue using your content to deliver our own training sessions?
No. The fees shown on the pricing chart are for course delivery only. They do not cover content ownership. Without prior permission, you may not hire us for the purpose of copying our work. Please ask about our train-the-trainer models.
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