Working With Us Is Simple

  1. Let's talk about your business goals and how we can assist you. Schedule your free consultation here.
  2. After the consultation, if appropriate, we will provide you with a proposal that includes a customized service package created to address your specific business needs.
  3. We will meet to discuss any modifications that need to be made to the proposal.  
  4. We begin working together.


Retainer Services – These services are designed so that you can make monthly investments to have access to the expertise and services you need. You select a retainer package that matches your budget and we will take care of the rest.

Consultation Services – We offer strategy sessions that focus on the most pressing challenges you need to resolve. We work with you to determine the best possible outcome when addressing HR matters.

Customized Training Services – We develop and deliver our customized training workshops with your workplace needs in mind. We understand that every workplace is different and requires customized support that matches your objectives. Additionally, we provide you with a detailed Assessment and Recommendations Report after each workshop. These reports are valuable and help you determine next steps. See pricing below.

Pre-Developed Training Services – We offer a variety of pre-developed Training Workshops that are ready for us to deliver when you need them. We like to call it “training on demand.” These workshops are impactful and are created to address your immediate training needs. See pricing below.

Career Coaching and Development – We offer Career Coaching and Leadership Development services for our Corporate and Private clients. We are happy to provide additional information if these services are needed.

Onsite Training Investment

Onsite client training is training that is delivered to a private group at their location of choice. Prices quoted below are for training workshops delivered in the continental United States. For Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Canada, the cost is the daily rate plus $1,500. For all other locations, please contact us.

Our workshops are priced per group, not per person. Fees charged for onsite training do not include facilities or catering services. All prices are quoted in United States dollars.

From time to time, our fees include the facilitator’s travel. Please contact us about your locations. Where travel is not included, please plan on a travel allowance of approximately $850.00 for programs lasting up to one day. For longer programs, add an additional $350.00 per day is required.

We also offer Training Workshops at our offices. For more information please contact us at 888-9000-JPR (577). 



Partial Day Session

Up to 10


Up to 19


Up to 25


For More Than 25 Participants, Please Call Us At  888-9000-JPR (577)

Training Packages are available.



Half-Day Session

Full-Day Session

Two-Day Session

Up to 10




Up to 18




Up to 25




 For More Than 25 Participants, Please Call Us AT 888-9000-JPR (577).

Training Packages are available


Executive retreats, and strategic-planning meetings that focus on Workplace Culture and Change Management require speclized facilitatation to craft a framework and guide discussions. The investment for our facilitation services depend on the number of attendees. For more information please contact us at 888-9000-JPR (577).

Keynote Speaking

If you would like Paula to be your keynote speaker at your next event, please schedule your call here so we can partner with you to engage, and educate your group based on your needs. You may also call us at 888-9000-JPR (577).

Consultation Services

Sometimes clients have needs not addressed by training and coaching. For those clients, we offer a broad range of consulting services. Fees for these strategy sessions depend entirely on the complexity of the matter and are handled on a case-by-case basis. Schedule your call today or contact us at 888-9000-JPR (577).