Our Conflict Resolution and Mediation division specializes in resolving workplace disputes and conflict through the mediation process. Our goal is to assist willing parities in resolving their disputes so they may move forward in a productive way.

Because we understand employees and the environments in which they work may not function flawlessly, we are committed to neutrality. In this, our approach is to listen effectively and help discover opportunities for resolution.

Our process allows the mediator to facilitate the mediation process and places the outcome of the mediation in the hands of the meditating parties, not the mediator. This empowers each party to work diligently towards a successful result.

We offer skilled mediators specifically trained to resolve workplace disputes relating to:

  • Discrimination
  • Harassment
  • Dismissal and Terminations
  • Corrective Action Procedures
  • Hostile Work Environment Concerns
  • Employee/Employer Grievances