Workplace Culture

We Work With You To Create Welcoming And Engaging Workplace Cultures That Can Change The World.
Changing the World is a bold statement, but it is also true. We all can think of one person, one business, or one movement that changed everything. So let’s make your Workplace Culture one of those world-changing things too. Culture Matters. It drives results and sets your organization apart from others. A significant part of creating workplace cultures that help businesses and people thrive, is understanding where you are now and gaining clarity about the unique culture you want to have.
Human Resource Consultations
We begin our consultations with an assessment that is designed to help you identify the HR Services most important to you. This allows us to begin supporting you where you need us most, while helping to create the culture you desire to have.
Our HR Consultation Services IncludeAssessment and Analysis, Business Strategy and Systems, Conflict Resolution, Employee Counseling and Coaching, Employee Performance and Development, Employee Engagement, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, FLSA Practices, Handbook Review & Development, HR Compliance Matters, HR File Audits, Internal Investigations, Job Description Development and Analysis, On-Boarding Assimilation, Policy and Procedure Development, Succession Planning, Talent Management, Talent Attraction/Staffing, Team Building and Retreats, Workplace Communication, Workplace Ethics and more.

Change Management

We know Workplace Change is not an event but a process. We not only help you manage change; we help you master it at every stage. We guide you through workplace change with greater ease, understanding, and clarity.
We thoroughly review Organizational Change and Change Management processes to assess the impact on People, Revenue, Technology, Service, Growth, Sustainability, Community Awareness, and Stakeholder Interest. Our Change intention is to do it well from the beginning by creating a foundation that will support long-lasting agility.
Our Change Management Services IncludeMergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring, Customized strategy sessions, partnership and alliance, talent selection and modifications, training workshops, executive and leadership coaching, onboarding assimilation and integration, performance management and assessment, individual and team development plans, and more. 

Training Workshops

Training is critical to the development of talent and high-performing work teams. With this in mind, we customize and deliver an array of training workshops designed to help you win at work, every day.  At your worksite, virtually or at one of our training centers, we will assist you in accomplishing your training goals. We meet with you to help determine the subject matter that is most important to your organization, we customize the training workshop to fit your training needs and then we deliver it.  
Some of our most requested workshops are, After the Incident, Boosting Morale, Culture Matters, Elevating Performance, Embracing Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, How We Treat People, Leading Well, Mission, Vision & Values, New Leadership Integration, Serving The Real Customer, Thriving in a Multi-Generational Workplace and Work–A Safe Space.

Conflict Resolution & Mediation

Our Conflict Resolution and Mediation division specializes in resolving workplace disputes and conflict through the mediation process. Our goal is to assist willing parities in resolving their disputes so they may move forward in a productive way.
Because we understand employees and the environments in which they work may not function flawlessly, we are committed to neutrality. In this, our approach is to listen effectively and help discover opportunities for resolution. Our process allows the mediator to facilitate the mediation process and places the outcome of the mediation in the hands of the meditating parties, not the mediator. This empowers each party to work diligently towards a successful result.

We offer skilled mediators specifically trained to resolve workplace disputes relating to, Discrimination, Harassment, Dismissal and Terminations, Corrective Action Procedures, Hostile Work, Environment Concerns, and Employee/Employer Grievances.


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