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Our most requested customized and pre-developed workshops are listed below. Establishing A Top Notch Corporate CultureA positive workplace culture impacts every area of business. It can be seen and felt both internally and externally. Culture cannot be duplicated. It is distinctly yours. Be certain it is a culture you are proud to call your own.  Change in the WorkplaceWorkplace Change is a process. We not only help you manage change, we help you master it at every stage.  We support organizations and their teams as they move through change with understanding, clarity, and consideration. We offer customized training workshops and breakout meetings to support your change success. Leadership Development Transformational Leadership is powerful. We know most unhappy workers resign from leadership, not their positions.  We train and develop leaders who are committed to the type of workplace success that makes us all better. New Leadership IntegrationThis interactive workshop is designed to help new managers assimilate into their new roles. Transitioning from peer to leader offers learning opportunities that extend well beyond the traditional duties of the new role. Thriving in a Muti-Generational WorkplaceThis workshop is designed to take a closer look at the Intergenerational workforce as it continues to evolve and thrive. Working together, we will discuss the values and challenges a Multi-Generational Workplace can bring.Boosting Morale This highly motivating session focuses on employee enthusiasm. You will be given great tips that will bolster your organizational culture while incorporating your core business objectives. Let’s get excited for real!!WINNING AT WORKWe offer this series of workshops to make sure we do not overlook what people call the little things. Little things, if left unaddressed can turn into much bigger things over time. Small changes deliver a great big impact. When we address these topics with focused honesty, we all win.  Time Management We believe Time is a gift and what you do with Time is your “thank you note” for the gift. Managing time well helps create successful workdays, and it adds value to goal achievement and task completion. Working and productivity can be two very different things. It’s time to make the most of every minute.    Successful Communication Communication is only effective when the message is accurately understood. Excellent communication is subject to the interpretation of the receiver. Even our best efforts to say what we really mean can fall flat. Let’s talk about it. Knowing the Real Customer How can you effectively serve a customer you have never met? Well, it is possible and necessary. Measured Quality Customer Service is one of the primary ways to identify success. Relying on customer feedback offers the opportunity to learn, grow and execute. If you know your real customer — you win!   HOW WE TREAT PEOPLEHow we treat people makes all the difference. Nothing destroys the culture of the workplace like refusing to address the company’s “dirty little secret.” These secrets can hold you and your teams hostage. We help you confront and eradicate it once and for all. We talk about harassment, discrimination, workplace and domestic violence, and office bullying because we know you can’t correct what you refuse to confront. Below are the most requested workshops from this series.  Workplace ViolenceThis workshop addresses the reality of violence in the workplace. Domestic Violence, Employee Altercations, and Client/Vendor Disturbances can change the landscape of the workplace very quickly. Learn the best proactive steps to take and why.The Value of Embracing Diversity and InclusionDiversity is the central difference that empowers every organization to thrive. The commitment of understanding and embracing diversity and difference takes courage but is advantageous to us all.Harassment in the WorkplaceThis workshop addresses the various types of Workplace Harassment including Verbal, Physical and Sexual. We show you how to recognize it and how to stop it. We recommend our clients have this training two times each year. After the Incident – What do we do now?These workshops are designed to support our clients after a workplace incident has occurred. Understanding the sensitivity of these issues is key. We are here to ensure you have the appropriate training support to handle them right away.Make Your SelectionWe understand there may be various employment matters you may wish to address. For your convenience, you may select the HR topics you would like us to address and we will gladly develop a workshop based on your selection. 

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