As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, I’m thinking about leftovers. You may wonder why I have leftovers on my mind, days before the traditional holiday meal is served. Well, I’m’ not thinking about the leftovers we generally have after a tasty meal.

I’m thinking about the leftovers that often go unseen until the unexpected occurrences in life force us to readjust our focus.

What would happen if we simply decided to be Grateful for what we have left?

You know…. The leftovers

Grateful for family and friends, whether you can spend time with them or not

Some people are alone, and it is not by choice

Grateful that you can enjoy a holiday meal

Some people will not have a meal today, holiday or otherwise

Grateful for technology, so you can connect with your loved ones

What was once a distraction, has now become a meaningful connection tool

Grateful for the job you still have

Many people remain unemployed and many businesses are still closed

Grateful for the income you have, even if you are not working right now

Unemployment benefits have expired for so many

Grateful that you have an opportunity to see this day

Unfortunately, many will not

Grateful for the gift of your 5 senses

As others are still hoping to regain their sense of smell and taste

Grateful that you can hold your loved ones a little tighter

Because some people cannot

Grateful for the healthcare workers who keep showing up when it’s hard

Their families miss them too

Grateful for the food banks and other food providers that feed our communities

Because food insecurity is real


Grateful that you can take an effortless breath in and out

While so many still struggle


Give More.  Serve More.  Love More.  Forgive More.


On Thanksgiving day and every day,

Be Grateful.

Click Here To Donate To Your Local Food Bank



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