NOT SO FAST. . . . 2017

I know many of us are in celebration mode and excited about everything we are planning to do next year. 2017 will bring many great opportunities, but hold on. What about 2016?

I recently posted a picture from, with the message “You still have time to do something great this year!” And that’s the truth.

Before we launch into 2017, let’s celebrate what you have done in 2016. Even if you didn’t meet every goal, what did you accomplish?

  • What risk did you take that no one else thought you should, but it worked out in your favor?
  • What part of your story did you share that inspired someone else?
  • What new job did you say yes to?
  • What trip did you take that you would not have taken even a year ago?
  • What situation or system did you challenge and ultimately change for the better?
  • Who did you stand up for when it was unpopular?
  • What gifts did you identify in someone else that set their world on fire?
  • What child or family is better because you decided to put them first?
  • What did you give away that mattered to you, but it elevated someone else’s life?
  • What toxic situation did you have the courage to walk away from without looking back?
  • What brave action did you take that placed you right at the center of controversy, but you still kept moving forward?
  • Who did you help?
  • What person did you celebrate when everyone else was downing them?
  • Who did you feed?
  • Who did you embrace when it seemed no one else would?
  • What freedoms did you allow yourself to experience?
  • Who did you rescue from limited thinking or actions?
  • What lessons did you learn?
  • What did you do that was good for yourself, yet it allowed you to be good for others?
  • What career-changing move did you make that made a difference for the better?
  • What place did you relocate to, while leaving naysayers behind?
  • What did you fight for?
  • What did you survive?

There were many “greats” in 2016, so not so fast, 2017. Hold on while we take in the accomplishments of THIS YEAR! The great thing is that we STILL have time to do MORE.

Now, let’s celebrate!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

J.PR & Associates and PaulaSpeaks


All The Best


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