Our Story

J. PR and Associates was built on one word – CHANGE.

After working as a senior leader in human resources for several years, I founded J. PR & Associates with a sincere desire to help employers and employees maximize their full potential. We transform workplaces and people through customized strategies and tailored frameworks that can take you from where you are to where you want to be. This is the reason why Changing the World of Human Resources With Solutions That Work has been our tagline from the very beginning.

We help you create a Dynamic Workplace Culture, through Culture Clarity and Alignment, Change Management, People Development, and Leadership Excellence.

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How It All Started

I began my HR journey at 18 when I was in college. Working at the placement center, I began partnering with large corporations to connect them with high-quality talent. Before I knew it, I was interviewing pending graduates and university alumni while helping employers select the great talent they were looking for. This role also gave me the opportunity to study the inner workings of these corporate game-changers. I was young and eager to learn, so I did. 

Over the years, I had wonderful HR Leadership roles with national and international companies that challenged me but also assured me that I could do more innovative work in this great profession. I began working closely with Sales, Operations, IT, and other departments to develop programs that increased quality service, revenue, trust, and reliability for my clients. Managing teams of Senior Human Resource Professionals and providing HR services to over 6,000 client companies only heighten my ingenuity.  

My Opportunity For Change

Relying on my entire body of work, which includes Employee Development, Talent Acquisition, Internal Investigations, Leadership Development, HR Training, Employee Relations, Performance Management, and Business Development, I was ready to do more.

Because HR is often an afterthought as it relates to business growth and increased revenue, I designed J. PR in a way that would allow us to comprehensively analyze each area of business to identify opportunities for change. We develop customized strategies and frameworks that help deliver the change our clients need. Then we create and solidify an effective implementation plan that delivers solutions that work. I know that providing our clients with information is great but focused execution is priceless and productive.

Where We Are Now

We are excited because our clients include corporations, organizations, people leaders, entrepreneurs, and dedicated individuals who are ready to flourish while embracing the change required to exceed their business and professional objectives.

You see, we believe EVERY one of our clients has the opportunity to excel beyond what they have envisioned. We help organizations and people maximize their full potential. It’s not just about our services; it is about YOU. We enjoy your success as much as you do. It feels a bit selfish, but we love it.

The unique foundation of our firm is designed to serve you by listening generously for opportunities to deliver the customized solutions that you want. We support the process of establishing solid partnerships to deliver the best service possible; developed on this premise…

“We Are J. PR & Associates, How May We Help You?”