"There is something wonderful about watching people walk in their true calling; THEIR DREAM”

Isn't It Time To Do What You Are Supposed To Be Doing? 

Paula Robinson International (PRI) is dedicated to our online community and our one-on-one clients and who want more! It is time to do what you are supposed to be doing because unfulfilled dreams are no longer an option. Want to know more about how PRI began? Click here

We focus on Career Coaching, Leadership Development, and Business Owner Support Services. We coach and develop our clients to their Career Dreams. We work directly with you to help implement success strategies designed specifically for your dream. 

Here's the best part. You don't have to be angry to make a change. What you must be is committed. You can achieve your Career Dream With Joy and I plan to show you how. Having the power to make a change is pure Joy. Knowing that you are not stuck is pure Joy. Having the support you need is pure Joy. Refuse to allow disappointment, anger, and other emotions to steal your Joy. Hold on tight to your Career Dream with Joy.

For some, your Career Dream is excelling and elevating in the corporate space. For others, it means owning, leading and growing your successful business. Not only do I support your Career Dream, but I help you Go Get It!  Schedule your free consultation here.  

Career Coaching & Development

Our customized career coaching services offer one-on-one coaching sessions with Paula. Our "Dream Again" Career Coaching Program is a 6-week intensive that will help you achieve your Career Dreams.  

Once you have your free consultation, we can begin the process of addressing every aspect of your career goals to make sure you have the support you need and a solid strategy. Our time together extends well beyond having a dynamic resume or other credentials. These sessions are about you, your goals, your thinking, kicking over roadblocks, and moving everything out of the way that has tried to hinder your success.  

Our customized career coaching services may include Resume Development and Review, Career Search & Interview Strategies, Salary Negotiations, Career Development Techniques, Promotions and Advancement, Personality Testing and much more.

Leadership Development & Coaching

Our Leadership Excellence Program (LEP) is an 8-week one-on-one intensive that is customized and designed to help you become the leader you want to be. 

We offer committed and talented leaders an opportunity to grow confidently. Having our external support provides you with the confidential assistance you need and the opportunity you deserve to surpass your leadership goals. You will have homework assignments, you will be challenged, and you will grow.

We help you establish strategic goals, define your leadership purpose and brand, create, and implement individual leadership development plans and more.

We work with a wide range of talented people including Executives and Emerging Leaders who are committed to their leadership success. You will learn, excel, change and lead sensationally.

Business Support Services

Sometimes your Career Dream is owning your own business. Our Business Owners Support Services (BOSS) helps business owners win! I know all great business success starts with a great strategy. This strategy should be unique to the products and services you offer. 

It is critical to surround yourself with the right people and support systems that can help you create and maintain the thriving business you desire.

It is our goal to ensure you have the right support which includes, having the appropriate procedures and policies in place as you plan for and experience growth. Making sure your business is built on a solid foundation is essential.

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