Paula Robinson International (PRI) is dedicated to helping our Private Coaching clients succeed. Our one-on-one and group coaching services are dedicated to those who want more! More Success, More Career Joy and yes, More Money! See pricing below. 

PRI focuses on Career Coaching, Leadership Development, and Business Owner Support Services. We coach and develop our clients to the career success they desire. We work directly with you to help implement success strategies designed specifically for your career dream.

For some, your Career Dream is excelling and elevating in the corporate space. For others, it means owning, leading and growing your own successful business.

Here's the best part. You don't have to be angry to make a change or to get the support you need. What you must be is committed. You can elevate your success with Joy and I plan to show you how. 

Refuse to allow disappointments, anger, frustrations and other emotions to steal your Joy. You deserve to elevate your success. Your commitment and our support can take you there! We will help you move all the unnecessary stuff out of the way, so you can thrive. 

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Our customized career coaching services are designed to support your career dreams. Our "Dream Again" Career Coaching and Development Program is a series of comprehensive one-on-one career strategey sessions that lead to your career success.   

Once you have your free consultation, we can begin the process of addressing every aspect of your career goals to make sure you have the support you need and a solid strategy. Our time together extends well beyond having a dynamic resume or other credentials. These sessions are about you, your goals, your thinking, kicking over roadblocks, and moving everything out of the way that has tried to hinder your success.

Our customized career coaching and development services can include Resume Development and Review, Career Search & Interview Strategies, Salary Negotiations, Career Development Techniques, Career Strategy Guides, Fast Track Promotions and Advancement, Personality Testing and much more. See pricing below

Our Private Leadership Clients contactus directly for individual leadership support. These private coaching sessions that are customized and designed to help you become the leader you want to be and more.

Through our leadership academy, we offer committed and talented leaders an opportunity to grow confidently. Having our external support provides you with the confidential assistance you need and the opportunity you deserve to surpass your leadership goals. You will have weekly exercises and assignments, you will be challenged, and you will grow. Learn more here.