Helping Talented People Achieve Their Career Dreams

There is something wonderful about watching people walk in their true calling…..Their Dream.Paula Robinson International (PRI) is dedicated to helping committed people make the necessary shifts in their careers and business, so they can achieve their Career Dreams.Our one-on-one and group coaching services are dedicated to those who want more! More Career Success, More Career Joy, and Yes, More Money. For some, your Career Dream is elevating in the corporate space. For others, it means owning, leading and growing your own successful business.Career Coaching extends beyond developing an outstanding resume and having a great interview. True Career Coaching also includes continued support so you can confidently succeed at every stage of your career.There is tremendous value in connecting with someone who can help you navigate the workplace and take you where you want to be, faster and better equipped than you ever thought possible. That is what I do.The best kind of support often comes from someone who has been in your shoes. That person is me. I know how to help you; help you. My unique background as an established HR Leader and CEO emphasizes the phenomenal work we can do together. We help you behind the scenes so you can embrace your success and elevate your career. WE HELP OUR CLIENTS:Master Goal AchievementReceive promotions through strategic conversationsReceive salary increases that align with your experience and hard workSuccessfully Navigate Career TransitionsEstablish a winning professional brand that you can execute dailyNetwork in and outside of the workplaceTurn career frustrations into massive changeElevate your career confidenceNegotiate your salary with successPinpoint your career strategyIdentify the career designed just for youBounce back from terminations and layoffsCreate a path of career next stepsAnd more…Schedule Your Free Consultation Here.

Career Coaching & Development

Our customized career coaching services are designed to support your career dreams. Our “Dream Again” Career Coaching and Development Program is a series of comprehensive one-on-one career strategey sessions that lead to your career success.   We offer 3 tiers of service in our Career Coaching Program. We assess and address every aspect of your career goals to make sure you have the support you need and a solid strategy. Our time together extends well beyond having a dynamic resume or other credentials.These sessions are about you, your goals, your thinking, demolishig roadblocks, and moving everything out of the way that has tried to hinder your success.Our customized career coaching and development services can include Resume Development and Review, Career Search & Interview Strategies, Salary Negotiations, Career Development Techniques, Career Strategy Guides, Fast Track Promotions and Advancement, Personality Testing and much more.

Leadership Coaching & Development

Our Private Leadership Clients contact us directly for individual leadership support. These private coaching sessions are customized and designed to help you become the leader you want to be and more.Through our leadership academy, we offer committed leaders an opportunity to grow in a confidential and private space, becasue we know professional development can be a ver personal journey. We honor that.Having our external support provides you with the assistance you need and the opportunity you deserve to surpass your leadership goals. You will have weekly exercises and assignments along with the tools you need to track your own success. You will be challenged, you will grow and you will LEAD WELL.  Learn more here. 

The Dual Program

This customized and concentrated program combines our Career Coaching and Leadership Excellence Programs. This 12-week workshop helps you excel in your current role while establishing your career transition strategy for your next position or busienss. I believe your decision to leave your current role means you leave On Top. There is no reason to mentally check out of your current role before you actually leave. There is a way to stay present and still do your best work, in and outside of the office.  We will make sure that you have the support you need to do both successfully.

Business Owner Support Services

Sometimes your Career Dream is owning your own business. Our Business Owners Support Services (BOSS) helps business owners win! I know all great business success starts with a great strategy. This strategy should be unique to the products and services you offer. It is critical to surround yourself with the right people and support systems that can help you create and maintain the thriving business you desire.It is our goal to ensure you have the right support which includes, having the appropriate procedures and policies in place as you plan for and experience growth. Making sure your business is built on a solid foundation is essential. WE HELP OUR (BOSS) CLIENTS: Take The Business Dream to RealityGain Business Clarity Transitioning to Business Ownership Manage Business Development Establish Business Objectives for GrowthDevelop A Solid Business StrategyDevelop A Strong Business Brand and IdentityConnect Career Clarity To Your Business Understand Confidentiality and PrivacyManage Entrepreneurial Endeavors  Mastering and Monitoring Your Business During a Crisis Establish Products and Services Understand The Phases of BusinessEmbrace Your Business Skillset Tell Your Business StorySchedule Your Free Consultation Here.

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