“What You Do Will Change Lives. People Are Waiting For You.”

Years ago, I was sitting quietly, and I heard those words. Then there was a question. “How many people are struggling because you are waiting for EVERYTHING to be “just right” before you show up?”

That was a powerful day because I knew it was true.

I knew starting my business and serving people as an entrepreneur was about much more than becoming a business owner. For me, it was a calling, and that voice grew louder and louder. I was uncomfortable but I knew what I was supposed to be doing and maybe you do too.

If you are waiting to show up, I beg you to stop it! I can assure you that showing up will not always look as pretty or as perfect as you hoped, but when you are walking in your calling… when you are operating in your Career Dream, someone will thrive because you finally said “yes”. Someone needs what you offer. Someone’s success depends on you. No matter where you are in your Career Dream journey, start serving those who need what you have.

Maybe you work in the corporate space, or you are a business owner, or maybe you are on the frontlines serving and saving lives. Whatever your Career is, I’m certain that people are waiting for YOUR Expertise. I can also assure you that if you feel a nudge in another career direction, that nudge will likely never go away until you do what you are supposed to be doing.

People never wait for unimportant things. When it was time to vote, people waited in long lines. When people want the latest technology device, they wait. When people are seeking the right romantic relationships, they wait. People are willing to wait for what is important to them.

That is what your people (the ones who need what you offer) are doing right now!

When people run out of time, they are compelled to connect with what they think is the next best solution. Yes, they can get help elsewhere, but it will not include that “special something” that you offer. Most people are not eagerly waiting for second best. They are waiting for you.

People are waiting for YOU. Not the perfect you (like I used to think) but the authentic version of YOU that actually has something valuable to offer. They are waiting for the authentic YOU to show up and offer the solutions they need.

Some people think doing quality work that serves people can only be done for free. That is 100% incorrect. Now, I wholeheartedly believe in volunteering and doing pro bono work. But you can do your Career Dream and earn money too, and you should. Your expertise was not free. It cost you something to show up and serve well. The price you paid for your expertise should never be overlooked by you or others.

Maybe you think what you do is not world-changing, but to the people that need what you offer, your expertise is world-changing for them. And it will also be life-changing for you, because you are serving those who need and value you. Move forward. Serve on a greater level. Honor your Career Dream by showing up. Respect your expertise by adding value and earning money. People are waiting for you.

I talk more about this on The PaulaSpeaks PodcastYou can listen and download here or on your favorite listening platform. In this episode, I specially address people who are employed, business owners, and job seekers. Be sure to take a listen.

Here’s To Your Success,



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