I remember growing up and hearing my parents ask What’s Next? This question usually came after an appliance stopped working or after an unexpected bill came in the mail. They would say something like “As soon as we get one thing handled, here comes something else. What’s Next?

They didn’t know I was listening, but I remembered thinking to myself “I sure hope whatever is next, is something good.”

As I got older, I began to understand how unpredictable life can be. Life is filled with mountain top and valley experiences. I believe they both have a purpose.

Mountain Top Experiences can help create an enthusiasm for life and give us a sense of accomplishment. These experiences also allow us to more freely focus on how we can serve others.

Mountain Top Experiences can create a comfort that is difficult to let go of. Part of the reason we value Mountain Top Experiences is that we all know what it is like to spend time in the valley.

When life changes we typically spend time trying to get back to the place of comfort that we have come to enjoy.

Valley Experiences help to develop our character in ways that only a challenging time could. The truth is that without a Valley Experience we may never fully appreciate being on the Mountain Top.

Valley Experiences often show us what needs to change. It is in these times that we come face to face with ourselves; we reflect and eventually plan with purpose.

If I’m completely honest, I still struggle with Valley Experiences even though I know they also have value. Yes, they are uncomfortable, but they have significance. Valley experiences seem to always come with some level of ambiguity. This is what I mean.

Valley Experiences can be exhausting but they help to develop unimaginable tenacity.

Valley Experiences can be confusing, but they also usher in great clarity.

Valley Experiences always creep in unannounced, but they loudly shout about the preciousness of time.

Because I know both experiences have a purpose, I have learned to ask What’s Next, not from a place of fear but from a place of Power.

Asking from a place of Power is the first step to shifting your attention away from the problem and discomfort. Shifting your attention gives you the strength to create solutions while freeing you to move forward.

Understanding What’s Next, may require you to take baby steps, or maybe you’ll take one giant leap. But whatever you decide, move forward in POWER. Your time is precious.

Here’s To Your Health and Success!


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