As this month comes to an end, all I can say is WOW! It has truly been a whirlwind, but We Are Resilient!

So much has changed in the last few weeks. While part of what I do is help people Master Change in the workplace and beyond, this rapid change is big. Perhaps, bigger than many thought it would be.

People ask me why I focus on “Change” in my business and the answer is simple. Change Always Comes. I also know how we respond to change makes all the difference in the world — literally and figuratively.

Yes, there is something unnerving as we strive to protect our national and international health. The words quarantine and isolation have become far too common. The fight for precious life and the freedom to live it abundantly has been challenged. But We Are Resilient!

These are not ideal circumstances, but I have found beauty in this brokenness. I see the good in people. To witness people taking their precious time and resources to make sure others are doing better than they were, speaks volumes.


I see it all around me. I see it in our HEROES. I see it in our first responders, our healthcare workers, our military and in the eyes of everyday people who are committed to doing something outside of themselves, simply because they care enough to do so.

I know this type of fight will not last forever, but I also know life will be different and many lives will be dramatically changed forever, but We Are Resilient!

I wonder how this time will change you. I’m not talking about the changes we have made in how we communicate, work and socialize, as we keep physical distance in mind. I’m asking what will be different about you after this?  Whatever the answer is I want you to remember, YOU ARE RESILIENT!

I recently spoke about RESILIENCE on The PaulaSpeaks podcast. I want you to listen to it and be empowered! Listen below.

Also, we are working remotely, and we are ready to address your HR needs. If you need my help, schedule your free consultation here or call 1-888-9000-JPR (577).

Here’s To Your Safety and Success!

The Podcast

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