Are You Bold Enough To Pursue Your Career Dreams?

This is a question I had to ask myself years ago. This is also a question I am asking you. Are you bold enough?

There is one thing I realized about my career a long time ago. I knew if I didn’t change my destiny, other people would continue to do it for me.  I understood I had the power to make things happen for myself, but it was going to take boldness.

Today, I have the privilege of changing careers and workplace cultures in ways I actually did dream of. While my calling is important. I am most grateful and amazed by the people who choose to work with me. I get to serve really talented people who decided to say “YES” to the question above. They were bold enough and they are doing it!


The same is true for my corporate clients. It takes boldness to decide to change an entire organization, it takes courage to actually carry it out and a special kind of commitment to positive change that drives them to ask for help.

In honor of State Representative John Lewis, who was laid to rest this week, I wanted to talk about the Power of Your Career Calling, because Mr. Lewis embodied boldness, courage, and drive. So, in the latest episode of  “The PaulaSpeaks” podcast, I did just that.

Ugggh…. I also describe the missed moment I had with Mr. Lewis that I’m still kicking myself for today. You can listen to the latest PaulaSpeaks Podcast episode here, or anywhere you’d like to listen to podcasts.


Here’s To Your Success,

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