Over the last 4 months, I have had laryngitis, along with very annoying cold symptoms, 3 times.

This is highly usual for me. I’m not sure about other workplace trainers and speakers, but I literally get sad when I cannot speak or sing. Yes, PaulaSpeaks, but she also sings. I felt STUCK!

Since this was time number three, I decided to do something differently. I got mad. I was tired of this “thing” rearranging my life. I eventually found a medical specialist who evaluated and treated my vocal cords.

Sometimes you have to get mad enough to holler, HELP!…and then go get it.

This is what I use to do when I needed something done that was a particular challenge for me. I’d tell myself, “I can do it, and it would only take a few minutes longer for ME to handle it.”

Well, this was almost NEVER the case. There I sat, 3 days later, STUCK and unproductive; desperately trying to find the help I needed so I could get things moving again.

Sometimes it is easy to confuse activity with accomplishment. However, here’s the reality: I can stand in one place and move my body around profusely, but it doesn’t mean I’m moving forward. The goal is NOT simply to move but to move FORWARD.

I often come across people who feel STUCK, professionally or otherwise. This is not a foreign concept to most of us.

Sometimes people are STUCK because they have forgotten about the thing they said they wanted to do before life got hard, busy, or predictable.

Sometimes STUCK happens because someone told them their “it” would be too hard to achieve now and somewhere along the line, unconsciously or consciously, they believed the lie.

We should never settle for our discomfort. We should seek the help we need and use discomfort as the platform to catapult us to a much higher level.

Refuse to be STUCK!

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