A few days ago, the world lost another musical icon. His departure had personal significance to me and my family because my brother had the honor of playing in his band, but beyond that, losing Prince, reminded me how one life can change the world so much.

I still marvel at the number of instruments he played and the number of songs he wrote, those we have heard and the one we have yet to hear. I think of the number of recordings, CDs, and albums, he produced along with the many artists he inspired, and genres of music he wrote in and ultimately mastered. Greater than all of that was his philanthropic work that spoke so loudly to me. Call him different, eccentric, gifted, and committed, but in my mind, “genius” fits him perfectly.

I love how he lived out a large portion of his dream and, in most cases, did it on his own terms. When I look at his life and so many others who have gone on before him, it reminds me to keep doing my best to live out my dreams and to help others do the same. That is a part of what I am supposed to be doing. That is how we, together, change the world.

You have something you’re supposed to do. It might not make sense to the world or to your inner circle. It may seem strange or different. It might not look like you expected it to look, but do it anyway. Do what you are supposed to be doing.

Make the best out of your life. Take every risk you know you are supposed to take. If it seems too big for you, it’s probably your great opportunity standing at the door, waiting for you to open it, so your dream can explode into reality. Dream Again!

This is why I created the Dream Again Program. Let’s go crazy (Sorry. I couldn’t help it!) making your business and career dreams a reality. Let’s work together building your dreams and your legacy.

Do what you are supposed to be doing.


All The Best,


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